In Top 10 of iNmusic Instrumental New Song Chart For 8 Weeks!

iNmusic演奏類新曲榜1 iNmusic演奏類新曲榜8週

After the first time that 3 songs being in Top 10 from September 1st, 3 songs kept in chart until October 20th. The last song that in chart was “Sofa On The Beach”.


So we have statistics like below:

Sofa On The Beach“ was in Top 10 for  8 weeks

The Story Of Dolphin“ was in Top 10 for 6 weeks

Dancing Dancing Girl“ was in Top 10 for 4 weeks

The best accomplishment in these 8 weeks is September 8th, all 3 songs were in Top 5 !! Really happy!If you want to listen to that 3 songs, just click the link upon.

And you also can listen to other songs of this album.

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