November 16, 2011

【No Flowers On Island】

【Electric/Acoustic Guitar Album】

“Really good work Scott, you can sure tell a story without words 🙂 Loved it.”
— Chris – Whotune Radio

“I feel free, sincere, and have world vision when I am immersed in Scott Su’s guitar playing. Many styles within these 9 songs, from simple folk to rock, he uses various styles to show his care to people’s life and the world.”
— Ned – SelfKill’s bassist

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Featuring guitar, each song has its own story and image. Scott Su shows his concern for the world through his music. It doesn’t matter what style of music being performed. The important thing is to see  how the music moves you, or touch your heart. Just close your eyes, and listen to it.

This album “No Flowers On Island”, the word “Flowers” represents the complicated social affairs in the world. So, the name of this album means you could lead a simple and carefree life, and that is the way Scott’s music wants to bring you in this album. The use of guitar is the main instrument in this album. In addition, adding other instruments to depict his world of imagination. These images are created for you, and this world.




1. VuvuzeRock 0:28″

Did you feel the heat that makes you high when watching 2010 FIFA World Cup?  The special thing about the event was the loud Vuvuzela!! Scott wrote the overture to seize that excitement.

2. Silent Trip 4:12″

Can‘t take so many confusion and lots of noise surrounding in my life. I just want to go for a trip, a one man trip, a silent trip without any conversation. I can enjoy being myself, and face what is deep inside me.

3. Dancing Dancing Girl 4:20″

A girl likes music boxes which have crystal sound of melody since she was a child. She always dreams about that she can dance with the music like the dancing doll in a music box. So, she starts to swing her body with the rhythm of the music. Dancing on her feet, swaying her hands, moving her slim figure, she dances for her life.

4. The Story Of Dolphin 2:36″

Dolphins can’t speak, but they have a kind heart. They like to swim forward with boats and play with human beings. They are also our good friends in the sea, and they probably agree with it. Even though their inhabitant is being polluted by industrial factories, their living space starts to fill with soil and become human’s land. They can’t speak out for themselves. Can we make some voice for them?

5. Sofa On The Beach 3:43″

What is the “must-go” place when you travel?— A beach with warm sunshine, cozy breeze, and full of energy. A beach in somewhere of southern countries, calm and clear ocean waves, I will lay on the soft, comfortable sofa, have some drink, tropical  fruits, and……… listen to music.

6. Lazy Alien 3:53″

High technology is one of our impressions of aliens. Oh no, that should be “super” high technology. Someone said, “The science and technology throughout comes from the human nature“. On one hand, the science and technology bring people convenience; on the other hand, they also make people lazy. Since aliens have “super” high technology, are they also “super” lazy,too?

7. You’re Never Alone 3:31″

March 11th, 2011 this is a day shocks the whole world. A critical earthquake occurred in Japan. The earthquake caused a large tsunami which might only be seen in movies. The scene that tsunami ran over the cities in front of our eyes on TV. And that wasn’t the only horrible thing. At the same time, a nuclear power plant exploded due to the 2 huge natural forces and made another disaster. I hope this song can comfort Japanese people’s heart.

8. Under The Same Sky At Night 4:54″

How long since last time you looked at the sky? How long since the last time you count stars at night? Although we are apart in the different place, the sky is still the same one. You said that you like me having a smile on my face all the time , and look carefree. Yes, that was me, so am I now.

9. Memory 2:46″

As the night gets darker, it is quieter outside. I am seeking for inner peace, but the more I try, the more sensitive my heart is. Those sweet memories are lingering in my mind. Every single moment of bitterness and sweetness, it occurs to me at the dark night like this. Now, I’m praying for you, and praying for me. I am feeling a little sad that makes my eyes getting wet. Are you feeling the same?



All songs:Scott Su
Production/Arrangement/Recording/Mixing:Scott Su
Cover Design:Wanchun Kuo
Publish:Space-Time Capsule Music
Mastering:葛子毅 @ Production Online



Ibanez RG2020X
Takamine 261SBL
Johson J-Station
MOTU 828 mk3
ToneWeal FW-66
Zoom H4n
Apple iPod touch 4th
Apple Mac mini



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