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Go to 《No Flowers On Island》Guitar Album

《No Flowers On Island》Guitar Album

Featuring guitar, each song has its own story and image. Scott Su shows his concern for the world through his music. It doesn’t matter what style of music being performed. The important thing is to see how the music moves you, or touch your heart. Just close your eyes, and listen to it.

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Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

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Your Training Notebook On Pop Music Special Chord Progressions

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Fretboard Secret Handbook

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Playing Guitar So Easy

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Scott Su is composed of
Scott loves to play guitar freely, as well as composing and arrangement.

Scott Su is a guitarist from Taiwan. For years, he has been in music production businesses including music album publishing, arrangements, songwriting, and guitar music recording.

He began composing his own music as well as recordings after becoming an independent musician in 2009. He writes music to care and voice for the world, and to touch people’s hearts: his first guitar music album -“No Flowers on Island,” was produced to send messages of “Freedom” and “Honesty” to this world.